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[12.1.11. 3:26pm]


This is fun. Make some!


As Maria [4.4.09. 5:22am]

Waking up after what seemed to be the longest nap her life she gets to her knees. She yawns, and stretches her arms. She then realizes she is in a bloody wedding gown. She panics, and looks around. It appears to be safe. She is inside of a little girls bedroom.

She gets up to inspect, but then feels the searing pain of her ankle.

"What happened to me? I fell asleep, and I wake up with a broken ankle. I guess I am married too now. Great...."

She hobbles over to the little twin bed, and sits down. Glancing out the window she then realizes it's snowy outside. The fog isn't as thick as usual.

"I wonder if anyone's out there anymore."

Either way with her ankle in this condition it's best she stays here anyways.


[2.18.08. 3:33am]

bellybuttons are in the middle
i am a bellybutton
and orange is an evil color!
today i realized that im allowed to like things
even if other people dont like those things.
i am allowed to like whatever i want.
but aparently im not allowed to light candles? im still too little? maybe not smart enough?



[1.9.08. 12:56am]

[ mood | stannish ]

Heather are you out there??
Hey Heather! I haven't heard from you in awhile and I was just wondering if you're ok?
Heahter Heather, heavenly Heather, you are so cute like cabbage is crunchy before you boil it. Is that ok? I want to take you away way way away from all of this.



I'm baaack.. [10.14.07. 5:24pm]

' . : °How the hell is Heather????
I have to have Heather. See I all understand this now with an all understanding aura of aum. Heather IS Alessa is Heather is the all, all mommy maker extradordinaire, and especially special sweet someone, who is in dire need of hugs and fairycakes!! I can give you those fairycakes, heavenly Heather, so many so that your face is stuffed and your teeth fall out from the pure gumption of gumrot and gingivitis! and I'll still love you, with the loveliest love of all! I am your loverman! Your dream dude, and an all around great guy! You need some of this!!! Act now! Operators are standing by to take your call!

Oh. Yeah. Hi other people.Go someplace else now, 'k? Go away!


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