call_me_Dee (girlwhowas) wrote in sh_alternate_rp,

I'm baaack..

' . : °How the hell is Heather????
I have to have Heather. See I all understand this now with an all understanding aura of aum. Heather IS Alessa is Heather is the all, all mommy maker extradordinaire, and especially special sweet someone, who is in dire need of hugs and fairycakes!! I can give you those fairycakes, heavenly Heather, so many so that your face is stuffed and your teeth fall out from the pure gumption of gumrot and gingivitis! and I'll still love you, with the loveliest love of all! I am your loverman! Your dream dude, and an all around great guy! You need some of this!!! Act now! Operators are standing by to take your call!

Oh. Yeah. Hi other people.Go someplace else now, 'k? Go away!
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