Bernadette Marie (mangogiraffe) wrote in sh_alternate_rp,
Bernadette Marie

As Maria

Waking up after what seemed to be the longest nap her life she gets to her knees. She yawns, and stretches her arms. She then realizes she is in a bloody wedding gown. She panics, and looks around. It appears to be safe. She is inside of a little girls bedroom.

She gets up to inspect, but then feels the searing pain of her ankle.

"What happened to me? I fell asleep, and I wake up with a broken ankle. I guess I am married too now. Great...."

She hobbles over to the little twin bed, and sits down. Glancing out the window she then realizes it's snowy outside. The fog isn't as thick as usual.

"I wonder if anyone's out there anymore."

Either way with her ankle in this condition it's best she stays here anyways.
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