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Silent Hill, West Virginia. A calm, quiet, tourist town that rarely gets sunshine. To this place, all the victims have come, all of the sinners seen. What appears a town with open arms and hospitality turns before their eyes into a Hospital, a School, a Hotel, an Apartment Building, all of death and torture. To this place, the Sinners and Victims are pulled, unable to escape their hellish reality while the world outside passes by. The Sinners either leave Silent Hill atoning their sins, or are stuck inside it forever, haunting the alternate reality with their victimish presance.

An AU, these characters did not just jump out of the games -- they are not physically wounded and arm themselves for your disposal. Help them escape Silent Hill, or kill them -- it's all up to you.


Along with actual roleplay logs(which are done in AIM), all characters will make periodic journal entries (like save points!) in the community to share their thoughts and feelings in whatever situations. All people were given a radio which doubles as a walkie-talkie, and conversations on these will be recorded as well (these are your AIM conversations character to character).


Character posts

Pyramid Head

1. Who are you ...?
2. Pyramid Head meets Walter
3. Come out, come out, where ever you are...
4. The one in which Maria speaks to Walter
5. Eileen, Henry, Maria and Walter were sitting by the lake, and ...
6. And we're all together now
7. Joseph and Walter's second meeting
8. Maria and Walter meet again
9. Joseph invokes Walter
10. The cliffnotes of the one that got away :: To be reconstructed ::
11. Things become a little more confusing
12. There was once a baby and a mother who were connected by a magical cord...
13. OOC! Emo Pyramid Head
14. All we need is a plan
15. Confrontation
16. Lisa and Alessa
17. Motherly love


UPDATED 12/04/06

I have but a few simple rules to follow. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me!

1. Absolutely no "God Modding". This is when you control characters that are not your own - you really don't know what that character would have done, so please don't think you do.
2. No acronyms in the journal posts/ roleplay posts. [Acronyms include, but are not limited to, "lol" and "brb".] Leave it for the messenger.
3. A chracter journal is by no means not required, because I hate them. But if you feel that you would be more comfortable working with one, that's alright. Just be sure to tell me what the name is.
4. No Mary-Sues/Larry(... God)s, please. According to the google defenition search, a Mary Sue is "an original female character who's perfect, does it all, saves the day, and is usually martyred". And, I would like to add, needs to be shot. If you make one, we will conspire to kill your character off. We can do that. No, we can't. But seriously, we will either ask you to fix it or we will be forced to ask you to remove your character.
5. BE. NICE. Communities are intended for people to get to know each other, and a place for people with similar interests to hang out. They are not places to make fun of others. If I see any harrassment going on, or am informed of it, I will warn you ONCE, and delete the post. This will NOT be tolerated.
6. (updated) Because of the lack of players, I ask that only one character per person be taken, but if you would like a second chracter, for the time being I'll allow it. [[This may change depending on the number of players later.]]I also ask that no OCs be used, since there are other communites strictly for that.
7. All romances are accepted. Run wild with your fantasies! This means it doesn't have to be James/Maria(or Mary) just because it was written that way! You can have James/Eileen, or Maria/Pyramid Head if it makes you happy. As long as it's cool with both of those players. This also means I don't want to hear any bitching when someone has a romance with a certain character you wanted yours to romance with. "I wanted Henry/Eileen but it's Henry/Patient Demon! I'm PISSED!" tough cookies, kay? Talk about that with the characters doing the romance.
8. AIM is required to join. All of our roleplay logs will be done with AIM, and I can't make an exception, sorry.
9. To make sure you've read the rules, please put "APPS ARE FOR SUCKERS" in the subject line of your application. Thank you! <3

If any of these rules are broken, obviously, you'll be warned before disciplinary action will be taken.

Please apply HERE!

To apply, please use the form below:


Character applying for/game #:
Sample journal entry: (Doesn't need to be long. For help, just invision the situation at hand! Needs to be first person.)
Sample roleplay: (Should be at least ONE PARAGRAPH long. Again, think of the situation these people are in and be creative! Must be third person and past tense.)

[When you apply, it would be appreciated if you had an icon of your character on hand.]


Silent Hill 1

Lisa Garland - milkhotelrocks
Cybil Bennet - powder_trauma
Alessa Gillespie - pseudowolfkill
Cheryl Mason - hardcorecheryl

Silent Hill 2

James Sunderland - goddamnmorti
Pyramid Head - goddamnmorti
Maria - milkhotelrocks

Silent Hill 3

Father Vincent - snarky_padre_v
Heather Mason - hardcorecheryl

Silent Hill 4

Henry Townshend - powder_trauma
Walter Sullivan - oneshotnothing
Cynthia Velasquez - cynthia16121
Eileen Galvin - meiko_matsui

Silent Hill Origins
(Ask me if you want to apply for this game.)

Silent Hill 5

C.H.A.R.A.C.T.E.R A.I.M.

Henry Townshend - xx Room 302 xx
Walter Sullivan - KirkeOBain
Maria - MilkHotelRocks
Father Vincent - KirkeOBain
Pyramid Head - x RedPyramid x
Alessa Gillespie - Ulver09
James Sunderland - morticunata
Lisa Garland - MilkhotelRocks
Cybil Bennet - xx I GOT GUN xx
Cynthia Velasquez - MaraXorheestoo
Cheryll Mason - MaraXorheestoo
Eileen Galvin - xxroom303xx

(Something not right? AIM me and tell me to fix it! XD)

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EDIT 12/04/06

All banners can be found here.


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